Statistics, STATA, SAS and SPSS
   Statistical Computing Resources (UCLA)
   Research Tools (STATA, SAS, Agent based modeling, ...) (Carolina Population Center (CPC))
   Stata Tutorial (Princeton University)
Web based Textbooks
   Quantitative + Qualitative Methods + Theoretical Frameworks for Social Science (G. David Garson, North Carolina State University)
   Wolfram Mathworld     Wolfram demonstrations project    Wolfram Free interactive player (Stephen Wolfram)
   The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice (Gerard E. Dallal, Tufts University)
   Social Research Methods, Knowledge Base (William M.K. Trochim, Cornell University)
   Hyperstat (David M. Lane, Rice University)
Statistical Guidelines and Checklists
   Overview on Guideline Sites over Equator Network (right side: CONSORT to SPIRIT) 
   SAMPL guidelines for Biomedical journals.pdf (bibliographic reference here)
   Ethical guidelines of the American Statistical Association ((ASA, 1999)
   Statistical guidelines for contributors to medical journals, in Altman D, Gardner M (2000) Statistics with confidence: 171-201
   Epi Info: Planning and evaluating surveys (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, 2005)
Design of Experiments Server
   DRS Help the experimenters in agricultural sciences, biological sciences, social sciences and industry in planning and designing their experiments
   (by R. Parsad et al.; Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute)
Survey methodology
   Household Sample Surveys in Developing and Transition Countries  (pdf 2005) (by United Nations Statistics Division)
   Randomized trials in Development Economics Research (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2010)
   What is a survey (Fritz Scheuren, ASA, 2004)
   Survey Data Analysis Portal (UCLA)
   Internet Sites Related To Survey Research (University of Illinois at Chicago)
   Practical Exemplars on the Analysis of Surveys, PEAS (Napier University, Edinburgh)
   Sampling Guide (FANTA-2 Project, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), 2012)
Sample Size and Power
    Hyperstat (Power) (Rice University)
    Estimating, Confidence Interval, Sample Size  (Accuracy in parameter estimation (AIPE)
    Sample sizes for confidence intervals
           for proportions & means with an absolute margin of error (Russell V. Lenth, Oct. 2012)
           for proportions & means with a   relative   margin of error & optimal designs (2012)  Manual
           for proportions               with      relative   margins dependent from pilot study results. (2012)
       Multiple OLS regression (UCLA, 2012)
       Population survey (Statcalc.exe & Statcalc.hlp* from Epi Info (CDC, 2008)
    Testing, Power, Sample Size
       ANOVA, Regression, Proportion, ChiČ, Poisson (Russell V. Lenth, Oct. 2012)
       Effect Size Helper (numerical helpful when using Lenth's ANOVA, 2006 )
       Power Regression (via rČ change) (powerreg in STATA. Philip B. Ender, Xiao Chen, UCLA)
       Power Logistic Regression (powerlog in STATA. Philip B. Ender, UCLA)
       Sample size for Case-Control studies (2008)
       RR and OR in Cohort, Cross sectional, Unmatched case-control (Statcalc.exe & Statcalc.hlp* from Epi Info (CDC, 2008)
       Repeated Measures in Cluster Randomized Trials (by Stephen W. Raudenbusch, 2005)
       ICC to Sample Size.xls  How to distribute a given n to clusters if you "know" the intraclass correlation (ICC)  (2008)
Data of Surveys and Studies of Regions, Countries and Subject
   Data by topic and method (CMU, Carnegie Mellon University)
   Classical data sets (CMU)
   Benford law Benford.xls
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