Sampling Designs

    Regular statistical software  
    Is sample survey software really necessary?  
    Types of sampling  
  Beyond regular statistical software  
    Major sampling techniques  
    Major sampling designs  
    Weights, measures and criteria  
  How large a sample is needed      
    Optimal allocation under restricted costs  
  Analyzing Complex Sample Survey Data  
    New procedures in SPSS, STATA and SAS  
    Exercises with SPSS and STATA  
  After this class, the following terms should not any longer be a complete mystery to you:  
    Target population, Frame population, Survey population
    Elementary Unit (ELU), Observational Unit (OU), Sampling Frame, Sampling Unit (SU), Primary-Sampling Unit (PSU), Enumeration Unit (ENU), Listing Unit (LU)
    With Replacement (WR), Without Replacement (WOR)
    Simple Random Sampling (SRS), Systematic Sampling (SYS), Repeated Systematic Sampling (SYSREP)
    Stratified random Sampling (STRAT), Proportional Stratified random sampling (STRATProp)
    Simple One-Stage Cluster Sampling (S1SC), Simple Two-Stage Cluster Sampling (S2SC), Probability Proportional to Size (PPS)
    Finite Population Correction (FPC), Design Effect (DEFF), Design Factor (DEFT), Simple Equivalent Sample (SES), Intraclass Correlation (ICC)
  Programs Recources  
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